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  • Fuelling the Brain and Body & Challenges to Do So

    Social media influences, diet lifestyle choices and climate change are serious considerations to maintaining a healthy mind and body.

    Pint of Science Festival, Singapore l May 2019

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  • Implication & Relevance for Nutrition Security

    Exploring the impact and relevance of sustainable food systems and diets on nutrition security, 2018

    Symposium on Sustainable Food System - Implication & Relevance for Nutrition Security, in conjunction with International Rice Congress (ILSI), Singapore (Reprinted from Science in Sight, ILSI SEA Region, April 2019).

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  • Time to Recalibrate Nutrition Improvement Strategy?

    Time to overhaul the classic conceptual framework of malnutrition and its recent derivatives to improve nutrition thinking

    In: SIGHT AND LIFE | VOL. 32(2) | 2018

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  • Affordability, Accessibility and Sustainability Key to Improving Nutrition

    Better collaboration between public and private sectors are sorely needed to address malnutrition among Asia’s vulnerable populations, and in the process also lead to promising and sustainable business opportunities that serve this segment while delivering better nutrition across the region

    In: SIGHT AND LIFE | VOL. 32(1) | 2018

    4th Workshop on Sustainable Evidence-based Actions for Change (SEAChange), Royal DSM; ibn360, Singapore

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  • Quality Versus Quantity and the Impact on Food Security

    When it comes to food security, is it all about quality or quantity of foods, or both?

    Agricultural Bioscience International Conference (ABIC), Winnipeg, Canada / 2017

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  • The Role of Processed Food in Tackling Obesity and Undernutrition in Southeast Asia

    The role of food companies in tackling obesity and malnutrition

    Food Industry Luncheon Series, Singapore l Aug 2016

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  • The role of micronutrients in the first 1,000 days of life

    Adequate nutrition is key during first 1,000 days of life to meet global nutrition targets

    Philippine Association of Nutrition (PAN), Inc. and Philippine Society of Nutritionist-Dietitians (PSND), Inc., Joint Convention, Manila, Philippines l Jul 2016

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  • Available and Affordable – Is the Rapid Rise of Packaged Foods in Asia Driving Malnutrition?

    Harness existing and future innovation in food science, technology and delivery systems for nutritionally optimal diet

    Food Vision Asia, Singapore l Apr 2016

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  • The Economic Burden of Malnutrition in Pregnant Women and Children under 5 Years of Age in Cambodia

    Study on economic indicators to prepare for a healthy population and labor force in Cambodia

    In: Nutrients 2016, 8, 292; doi:10.3390/nu8050292

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